Scott goes to Vegas and … loses Phone!!!!!

so… I got back from Las Vegas today okay. It was a weird trip in some ways, but I am glad I went. My plane was late leaving SFO… which makes me wonder why they bother telling people what time that plane departs for LV because it has never once been on time anytime I flew it. … not the point though…

I got up at 4 am today (not that I could sleep anyway) to get to the airport and both my flights were right on time. Amazing! The flights were uneventful… lot’s of assholes being assholy… but what can you do??? Why are some people so inclined to act like such jerks????? (Shut up Adolfo, Woody, and a few others).

So… I go in to pee and “thunk” my phone dives right through the poop-shoot in the bottom of the toilet. There was no way I would have been able to get it. BUT! I tried. I actually put my hand down in there and felt wet, chunky water. Yes, I did.

I scrubbed my hands and gave up on ever seeing that phone again. I did not tell anyone… what is anyone gunna do? I could just see the big-mary’s face when I tell him and he says: you want it back now???? The answer is no. Can I afford a new phone??? no.

So, I am in class now with some dark blue stains on my skin. How nice! Wonder where that is from… stinky!

Annnnnnnnnnway… I saw Adolfo and Woody on this trip and missed everyone else. BUT, I had virtually no time to dawdle. I was pinched every moment I was in LV. I have barely slept in the last 3 days and my bitch ass is tired.

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  1. I cannot believe you dug around in a toilet for a phone. Guess since I don’t own one I shouldn’t say anything. This is adding to my list of reasons why not having a cell phone is a good thing! ~Gary

  2. ….i told Scotty i could contact the airlines on a unlisted number and be the hero and rescue the phone. But he did not want it back because it would smell and it would be blue. Then i asked hem what airline he flew on. It was not AA. So we are sh– out of luck. No pun intended. Well that’s the best i could do with a “when it rain’s make lemon-ade” joke….Uncle Eggz

  3. Yo Scott!

    I was feeling sorry for you, but hell, I feel sorry for your phone!

    Keep your chin up, you’ll do great.

    Good luck,

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