the day after

So, Sam is now gone. He left yesterday afternoon and headed off to a buddy in L.A. where he thought he could find some better oppurtunities. Alas, that is what he told me. It was obvious his presence was causing a lot of tension here and it was written on the wall that it was time to leave. I’m not sure if I contributed to anything in his life this time around… time will tell. I just called him and wanted tomake sure he was okay.

The butthead got food poisoning on the way home by eating crappy sushi from Panda Express. Uhm “Panda Express”… whichis Chinese food …the Chinese hate the Japanese so … HELLO!!!

ANyway, there was a point where I felt a void in the universe. At least there was one thing Sam had brought with him, a stronger sense of the spirit. Although he mayhave drifted from some of his religious convictions, he always had a strong spiritual aire around him that is grossly absent here in Vegas.

ANyway, for Asolfo and I … he was more relaxed and cheerful. Glad for that!!!! XO

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