just a few wurds

In the coming days we’re expecting visitors and Adolfo is a stress case. He’s moody and not being very nice…. I hate when he gets this way. It makes me so mad because he thinks he knows what is in my dead in regards to one of the visitors…

This weekend my step sis Chris is due in on her way home across country from Florida. When I text her last night she was having drinks in New Orleans. She is due in Sunday or Monday.

Next week we might see the return of Sam???? He went to L.A. to accomplish something (?) and is tired of life there and is ready. Gues who he’s biting my ass over???? Anyway, he’ll get over it.

Mom is coming next week for a visit. The newly retired Sallie is coming to Sam’s Town to gamble that retirement away… or hit it big…. not sure which. I would rather she hit it big and felt generouus about it.

Anyway… how do you like the whole new look????? Let me know!

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