Christmas Day

Last night I was cooking for the same client I have for the last 3 years. It was a nice! Adolfo came and helped me on this occasion. This is the second time Adolfo came and assisted and it was awesome. I was trying to play it cool in case they were wierded out over the fact we were homos… but no. Thank goodness it didn’t even come up.

Well, now I am at the Venetnain doing my daily routine again. Almost nobody came intoday. It’s like a ghost town. I am so not in the mood to be here, too.

We’re having a nice dinner tonight. I bought Squab and Black Truffles. Should be really nice when I get home and throw it all together. I’ll take more piccies and share them with you all.

This week is also my birthday… vomit! I’m going to stay in my thirties…. I decided this year. If I lose 2#’s for every year I am in denial I will be a teenager again! Yeah me!

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