counting down b4 xmas

the household seems to slowly return to normal… relatively speaking… as Adolfo is dealing with his mom’s passing. Odly, we still feel her presence and worry about the connectivity of the family. All the siblings have spread out over the country. The cohesiveness of it might have been lost with Rosa.

We only just started any form of Christmas shopping. The main person I bought for was Adolfo, but I managed to get the closest family memebrs something.

Christmas shopping could make a hard-core shopper like me sick. I was exhausted by the time I got home last night. I see so many people doing so much dumb shit. YET… I saw a lot of yummy boys walking around at the same time. Oh my!

On other notes… missing a lot of people. I miss hanging out with certain freinds. Kenny and I took off and I hung around while he shopped for Brian last night. I was cool just hanging out.

Worried about Sam… he is not returning my e-mail and is sitting in the dark somewhere clutching his knees … ugh! I wish I could help him and get him moving in the right direction. I guess it is my fault for buying him a ticket home. It was supposed to be a short trip. BUT, his crackhead freinds in LA are not there to help him at all. ARGH!!!

Missing you Ed. Thought of you last night George from Oz. Chippy!

… I’ll write more later…
….have you seen the updates at ?

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