this week

I have been very busy with school and it is hard to believe, but I am very close to finals for this quarter. I am also happy that there is no school until Jan 8th so that means I’ll have about 3 weeks of time to get caught up on movies and work out more.

School and life has made it tought to workout. I feel pulled in several directions. Yet, I am trying to manage my time as best as I can. Unfortunately it is affecting my health! Right now I am fighting a bug and as medicated as I am I am still going to school FT, wroking FT, and doing some of my side business work.

It also goes along with my weight issues. I cannot seem to lose weight and I want to lose about 40#’s. (Chop off my head, huh?) I know it is a matter of disipline. I am willing to try… wanting to, but damn it’s hard. And all these people I know areound me have lost a lot of weight with Weight Watchers of all things!!!! Ugh!

I should be completely sick by Thanksgiving… because I can be. I am cooking a nice meal and will have some guests over. You’ll see pics!!!


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