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As you can see, as of this morning, there are more changes to the appearance of the web site. I have been diddling these changes in my head a few days now and finally assembled them tonight. I was able to make a lot of chages to things I want to …. on this site and others.

It’s been a long night. I am at work right now and looking at the last hour ticking by. My job right now is a “show up and collect a paycheck” kinda thing. I am still working on my directions as I struggle to get direction in life. My passions with cooking are probably more personal than career? I’m not thrilled with this IT Department… the place I work at kinda sucks sometimes. BUT, the job is pretty skate on the Overnight shift anyway.

At this job when I work day or swing shift people are pretty upfront about treating me like a complete dumbass. People in this department are rude, condescending, arrogant and often pathetic. I have worked in IT almost my whole working life after the military and never have seen such a dysfunctional environment.

It’s not my problem. I said it already, I show up and get paid these days. Paid well, too! So, how can I kvetch too much?

I would like to find the dream job. It’s got to be out there because I had it before. When I worked at a web company in L.A. I had the best job with the greatest people. I still think back to the people I knew there and occasionally get to talk to them on-line. Mark, Michelle, and others. There was a guy named Garo who I was certain would end up in prison on a rape or stalking charge???? He was/is a nice guy but was a bit of a ‘tard with women. And there was Frank who I just recently found out from Mark that he was killed in a drive-by shooting. SUCKS!

There are some people here at the Venetian I really like that I am currently working with! Not all of them are assholes… at least the people at the Help Desk (75% of them) stick together and comizerate over the other butt-heads.

Why haven’t I started looking for another job? Well, I got my resume started. The reason I am not rushing out the door is because I have it pretty good as a worker-bee here. 8 hours a day, 1 hour paid lunch, they feed me, and on the over night shift I have to interact with a minimum amount of people.

Oh well… it will all come together. Cheers for now…. and tell me what you think of the changes!

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  1. Garo is engaged. I’ve never spoken to him since he was let go, but I think things have worked out well for him 🙂 I certainly hope they have. And yes, obviously I still read your ramblings! OMG, I’m a goth guy???!!!

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