Dead Man Blogging

Still sick… my life sucks. I am dying… somebody toss a daisy on my grave hole…. bwaaaaah!

I am sucking snot, fighting an itchy throat, pooping my pants… boy, am I pretty. Well… at lest I still have 97.5% of my humor. And I am dressed well. When I came in one of the guys yelled at me… he says I am on graveyard shift … I do not have to dress so nice!!! Well, (blush) thanks!

I look smart… grey 3/4 wool sweater, pin striped slacks, camel skin colored leather Steve Madden shoes and my matching Coach belt… smell me! Well, don’t i probably stink like NyQuil and Chloraseptic. Coffee and bad enchilades from the dining room.

At lkeast I am alive… well, for a couple more hours anyway. I am going to hit the bed as soon as I get home again. I tried that yesterday, too. I went right to bed… tossed and turned and tossed and then finally got up. Watched tv, drank some hot cocoa, played with the Poodle-Dog…. the basics. Still could barely sleep. I had already taken a dose of Tylenol Night Time at 8 so I waited til noon to take some NyQuil.

My first born child will be called NyQuila.

Just kidding… this isn’t the Morey Povich show. So, I am now just waiting to be able to go home because I get off in 20 minutes and counting as I type this lovewly tribute to my own fleeting sanity.

One more night to go before my weekend hits! Yeah… And maybe I will be healthy for it?????? Ugh!!!!

xo Lovers! I miss some of my freinds: Ed, Jeffy Jeff, Woody, Keith, Mo and more… 🙁

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