All I am doing with the new web design is adding finishing touches now. All the art is in. Most of the configurations are made. I will have to try and make the diary page fit where it is supposed to fit and then… wha-LAH! After Thanksgiving sometime it will be up and running.

I will naturally be sending out an announcement when it is finally released and all will rejoice!

Terry loves my e-mail blasts…

Speaking of whom, I have not heard from the big-man and the lovely misses (aka Kathy) in a while. My friend… we are soon approaching our 25th anniversary since graduating Queer Hill High School… can you imagine it? That would mean I have know Terry for almost 29 years??? I think we met and started hanging out in our Sophomore year?

Everyone thought Terry was homo because we were friends… if he was homo I never caught him!!! He was always cool with homos though, though it is true he was so comfortable with his own sexual identity, that I don’t think he ever noticed or cared what other people did too much as long as nobody got hurt…. no wonder he is a sheriff and a boy scout leader today. He was always a good man and he makes a good dad!

I remember Trish Kamminga from high school, too. Terry is #1, Trish is definitely #2 in good memories… she was the greatest chick in the world. She hooked me up with her EXTREMELY sexy brother whom I became close friends with. She was the head cheerleader, miss personality extreme, and a genuinely warm girl. She had the hottest BF in high school, too, John Meade! I can remember all their names and faces like it was yesterday.

Terry and I had a buddy in high school named David Tilley who went insane. Well, you could say he became intensely stupid. He ended up dropping out of high school (lot’s of sordid details) and that was a mess. I still remember him… but he had troubles.

While meandering along memory lane let us not forget James Valentine DuPratt (rip) who was one of the best teachers in the world. He taught Englsih and Advanced English courses at the high school. When he died my dad sent me the newspaper article and he will live forever in my memory!

Alma Mader …. imagine having this name in the end of the seventies. My Social Studies teacher was this surely woman with a tight bun and cat-eye glasses who affectionately became Darth Mader. BUT!!!! She taught me how to outline and that crazy daffy woman’s teaching stuck with me even to today.

There were other extremely memorable teachers like Stefanie Dashiff, my German teacher, who provided a lot of support for her students. And others.

My school was in the middle of the desert back in the day… it was new and a good looking campus, but the whole Antelope Valley has changed since I grew up in Lancaster, California. I drove through it a couple of times and just looked at some of the old familiar places that have since vanished into history.

There used to be a busy aircraft plant there but when it closed the world forgot it for a while. Lancaster was famous for the Space Shuttle for 10 minutes and then it got very quiet. It only became pooopular again when the yuppies from L.A. started running out of places to build cheap homes and they started commuting.

This was your history lesson for the day. There will be a multiple choice exam after your juice break… sharpen your #2 pencils and be ready in 15 minutes.

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