I have started working 0n the new 2006 version of UrielsLantern and expect all you to come and visit frequently!!!!!! This one will be a lot different than my previous attemtps. I hope to make this one more entertaining and draw ya’ll back more often.

So many people have lost interest in the doldrums of me. Gary, Terry, Ian, and Chippy never come and read me anymore. Pwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! Ozzie Georgie, Boston Ricky, Chicago Brian all blew my bitch-ass off like I was nobody!


Can you tell how bored I am… anyway. Tomorrow is Halloweenie day and I have no plans expcet to work. We will give some candy to some of the neighbor kids before we go to work and that is about it. Ugh…

Love ya!

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