Did I not tell you this would be an uneventful weekend? Well, I did very little including some of the important things I could have been doing. I am such a slacker.

Yesterday I took Adolfo to the Dentist. We have a new dentist now and I got my teeth cleaned. It is amazing how much SHIT comes out of a person’s mouth! Chunks! Boulders! A complete hillside. Well, the doctor was cool and he lectured us both about taking care of the teeths… I need to floss more. I have some kind of gum problem that Adolfo has too, so were both on meds twice a day for a week to clear it up. Some kind of bacterial infection… blah blah blah.

Makes you want to kiss me, huh?

It also answered a problem I was having my two of my lower front teeth. Seems I thought they were compressing against each other and getting worse over time. True, but it was all plaque. ewwwww! Now it’s all good!

We go back in two weeks for some more work and we are looking forward to it. Yes, I am actually looking forward to getting back to the dentist. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Anyway, I am looking foward to the coming weeks. The winds of change are shifting…. xox2

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