The last week has been a lot of stress once again. No, no that twenty-something angst of the Real World. No, not the 30 something Friends farewell special. But a 40 something desperate house-homo like me trying to bang through life without actually shooting myself in the head.

Last week I became fixated on the idea that I was going to be fired from work. I was absolutely sure of it and there were a lot of signs pointing to that enevitable fact. Fact was I was not fired… even though I was forcing myself to seeing the “good side” of getting fired.

I had a dream one night, clear as a bell, that I walking in this office* that was huge, beautiful, and made out of glass and shaped like a giant dome with ornate metal webiing holding each pane of glass. I walked up to the desk where a man in a suit with mutton-chops and bola hat handed me an envelope with my address on it. It was written ornately and with one of those old ink-well pens. He said: “This is nothing personal, but we will no longer be needing your services.”

What the hell was that? I can see the whole dream clear as a bell, still. Then the next day I was scheduled to come in at 4pm to work the following day’s swing shift. But, my supervisor called me and said I was to come in at 9. So, well, why not fire me at the beginning of the day????? Seems pretty cut and dry?

You see, days before I had a falling out with a coworker and made someone else pissed off, blah blah blah, I thought I was finally at my end.

I was just feeling okay with it when hell, it turns out my boss gave HER notice! Oh crap.

Anyway, so I am considering doing my time here and moving on. I will work, earn some good money for a while, then eventually hit the road. I will play Cheryl Crow’s “Leaving Las Vegas” really loud as I drive out of town. This is it for me. This is the end. I am done and done.

The question remains… where next? What next?

On othe news…. I have been fighting with Adolfo for about a week now. I think we are facing a new juncture in our relationship. Growing pains as it were. Nothing too dramatic???? I dunno what the future holds, but I think we’re both strong enough no matter what happens. He does really well here in LV and I cannot imagine what he will ultimately do. He is excellent with fashion and clothing. He is so good at his job.

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