At work again and thinking about a lot of the stuff tyhat has been happening over the last week. Nothing significant, mind you, but enough that it can get my brain thinking. Imagine that?!?!?!

I got some good words from Gary, as previously mentioned… I see Terry dropped a few words though he did not submit his name. I guessed with the mentioning of his dear wife, Kathy. He threatened to change places with me… well, it is always greener in the next pasture, tiger. I sorta heard from Allan in Texas too… he called and left me a short voice mail.

I’ll call you back, I promise.

Today is my Monday… back to work and all. I came in and found out I had some training thing to do and I just psent the last 6 hours in it. The guy I was training with a one of the best guys I work with, but damn it is boring. I have a very short attention span.

It is also hard to put too much effort into a job that I am considering quitting already. Right now I am lookng into my hour glass trying to determine what my future holds. I have to accomplish a few things and I should create another blog that addresses my passions and goals alone.

  • Lose 30+ pounds of fat (I know, cut off my head, ha ha ha)
  • Let my passion and goals guide me, these I have let flicker and almost be snuffed out.
  • Finish getting my finances in order.

Good news is that I may have a big-time celebrity client in the works for a cooking job in a couple weeks. I am very exceited and am extremely hopeful it will blossum into something really cool! It’s a one-shot deal, but I am excited. I did cook for this person before. BUT!!!! This time there are more famous people going to be there…. but I cannot say who so do not ask me.

Truthfully, I miss the cooking gig I had but I know as I move forward in life I will not find that again. I want a gig that I can feel somewhat secure in, but I want to be on a clear path toward owning my own restaurant. There is NO REASON why I cannot do it.

As far as meeting my goals, making the road to get there, I have fallen on my responsibilities to myself. I have not finished my financial plan though I have one restaurant basically designed… I have another also designed. Now I need a $$$$$$$$$$$$$$…. well maybe $$$$$$ …. because $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is just too much….

Where would I open a restaurant? Well, I have been thinking about it. Certainly any half-ass restaurant in Las Vegas can make money… there are a lot of half-ass places here so it has to be true. A good restaurant can make millionies!!!!! Other coices include… in order of preference:

  • Seattle, WA
  • Astoria, OR
  • Chicago, IL
  • Providence, RI
  • Manchester, NH ………yes, all northern tier cities!

Well, this is what is on my mind this week. My weekend went by soooooo fast.

This weekend I also saw my freind from New Orleans and his lovely house was completely undamaged. I will send you a link soon. I also want some thought out to Allan in Houston… Austin… something like that with the new Hurricane cuming his way. Tell the Soula-Monster to hold her skirt down!!!!!!

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