I do not suppose I write much when thengs are good and stuff… that means I need a place and a voice to vent when I am not feeling very secure or comfortable. I cannot say these things to Adolfo, because he usually does not understand. Adolfo listenes, but usually jumps to a conclusion so far off base it leaves me staggering…

Don’t get me wrong. Adolfo is very good to me. He is also very insightful some times. He usually does it in surprising ways. But, he does not completely get me.

I have secrets and shadows I deal with every day in life. I have demons that I wrestle with like many people do. The demons have been loud lately and making themselves appear in parts of my life that I thought were sheltered. They interfere with daily routine some times.

Sounds dramatic. I think I made some strides lately in life and it has caused the sands to shift a bit and the results are … well, when you kill one big demon a smaller, meaner, bitchier demon might not be far behind.

I am paying off a big debt and am getting ready to tackle the next one.

Is it all as clear as mud now?

Anyway, regarding my previous entry, Gary wrote me an interesting response. He said “evil” spelled backwards is: “live”. Am I evil? Am I live – ing. As much as it should have been comforting or thought-provking… the response made me unsettled.

Any thoughts? You can post your own comments below….

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