It sounds like Adolfo has been enjoying his new job. It sounds like the move to Wynn was a good idea so far. I am happy about all of that… so it’s great that all things seem to be working in the right direction.

I ran to work this morning and was tired all day. You see… I have been down with a cold the last couple days and I have not had a workout in all that time. So, this morning was almost 5 miles and it really took a lot out on my body. I was pooped.

When I finally got home I farted about the house, watched Amazing Race on the Tivo, then dashed off to the tanning booth for a bronzing. Stopped at Starbucks on the way for a white mocha decaf, nonfat with no-whip. Came home after and took a hot bath with some scneted salts I had… yum! I washed, put on a mud maske, cleansed and moisturized; boy am I gay!

Goodnight my dears.

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