I have not added my 2 cents lately. Adolfo and I have been very busy with life right now and it has kept me away from the computer for the most part.

Last week we drove into Los Angeles and went shopping for some furniture. See, we have been saving some money for what should be ultimately a house… however we cannot seem to keep our hands off it entirely. We spent 1K$ at IKEA and then I tried surprising him yesterday with a surround sound system I found at Costco on a killer deal. We have watched HellBoy and Star Wars #2 since having it. Oh – my – God… it makes the movies sound so good.

Anyway, imagine buying stuff at IKEA means you have a week of putting this shit together. Argh… but most of it is finally done.

Adolfo is changing jobs this week. He has been working at the Bellagio for the last 2 years and took a position at the new Wynn Resort opening April 28th. The place promises to be the newest, hottest, next generation hotel/casino. So, I cannot wait to see it. He has already told me how awesome the inside is.

Mom called last night as I was buying the sound system asking what we were doing.. so I told her we JUST found out a friend of ours was found dead. They are saying suicide, but I have not heard a final verdict. He was such a sweet guy and we are stunned; Adolfo was devastated!!!!!!

If there is any other news I’ll let everyone know. Sending off our taxes this week… don’t forget yours. I procrastinate so bad!

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