So, today I sent out an e-mail announcing the changes in my site. My cousin says it is very “deep”. ‘Deep’ in quotes seems to mask some real feeling about what someone is trying to say… like “wierd” or “queer” or “really wierd”.

I did send out a mass e-mail and had two responses since. Gary is my guardian angel and my ‘voice of conscience’ (as it were) who provides me a sense of security that there are sensible, kind people in the world like him. I really like this guy whom I never met… ha ha ha. We have been talking on-line for years.

Today we are planning on driving out of town for the night. I woke up early this morning to get my tax paperwork done for California. I finished several forms 3 hours after starting. Tom might stay behind as we drive to L.A….? I am desperately in need to brush my teeth right now… so I will talk to everyone soon.

xo Scott

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