All is well in hoo-ville. Sometimes I feel like I am in Petticoat Junction with the army of hillbilies that live here in Las Vegas. So many people assume what life is like here and boy, are you wrong if you do. Beyond the strip is a variety of worlds. In the west side of town there is a whole new city growing and builders deperately trying to make this place into middle America.

Here on the east side of town there is an old, nastalgic Vegas of homes and off-strip properties that locals often go to. There are also a lot of old neighborhoods that still get some good folks, but other areas that have very poor and depserate people.

Did you know the Mormons founded this town and still run it in many ways? Did you know that a lot of Casino management are Mormons? They are hired because they are more trustworthy… at least that is the perception. I cannot verify that entirely, but at the Venetian anyway, something is amiss because this is now one of the few properties that does not offer or intend to offer domestic partner benetifts.

I am getting off track.

About a year and a half ago there was a congressman in NV that chastised the casino industry for targeting morons and hillbillies in their hiring… great for them. I digress. They are discouraging education and filling positions with under-educated people and therefore paying them lower wages and workig them more hours.. blah blah blah.

I am venting again. Sorry about that…

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