All is well in Sin City. I got a new cell phone today, which I have been lamenting over for the last few months. I am excited, though I did not get an expensive model. All I needed was some of the basics anyway, though I am having trouble figuring out the menus on this tech.

My move to Seattle was canceled as it was originally planned, but after canceling our original plans I was being wooooo’d by the guys up there to help open their restaurantants, but that seems to have fizzled away. They told me today in voice mail that they are looking at someone locally, which I can understand.

I was nervous about the big change, but excited at the same time. It was something that could have been a new platform for me and a doorway into Seattle. Seattle appealed to me because there was, what I perceived, a culture there of people I really liked. Not to mention the absolutely beautiful landscape.

I still dream of moving up there and though we decided to wait a year, maybe the future will be brighter as a result? I still want to buy, but I have some financial issues I need to rsolve first. So does Adolfo. BUT, we can work together.

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