In the last three days my back has been KILLING ME! I either pulled a muscle in the center of my back or have an ice-pick back there that is invisible to the eye. Wednesday I took a lot of aspirin and thought it was going away. I dealt with it yesterday and aspirin’d it down again. But today, nothing seems to be happening to put the pain down.


I took aspirin with coke to make it act faster (coca-cola not cocaine!). My left side is a lot weaker than my right now. I went to the store tonight to get some Advil as a new alternative. I took two of those before heading to bed… which I will do in a few minutes.


My thoughts tonight:

I think they were awful to Martha Stewart!


I met two guys here in Las Vegas whom I like a lot. They meay read this? They may read this tonight. My diary is a snapshot of my thoughts and my anxieties and more… nothing should be taken too seriously.


Gary: I loved your e-mail. You wrote some wonderful things that made me stop and think… which is what I count on with you. I wish you were around me, man. I need someone like you to kick me in the ass. Too many people placate to my anxietites and enable my weaker atributes…


Brian and Kenny: I adore these guys who recently connected to Adolfo and I. Kenny gives this impression of being strong willed, domonant and sorta pure of heart . Brian seems a little more wicked and aloof, but his Libra heart leaves him balanced. This is definitely the reader’s digest version of the guys, but I hope to be writing and depicting more of them on my site in the future. 

Dieting: Ugh, I have been wanting to slim down for two years. I gained 30+ pounds after leaving Boston. As mentioned previously in another entry, I am very unhappy with life right now and need to do better! Gary, I am working on something.


I updated my “about” section and will add one more piece to that… goals. Long term, short term, and more. See for other things I am doing.


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