In one week Terry will be here from California to celebrate his birthday!!!!! Yipee!!! We plan on going sky diving and plummet to our mutual deaths while loved ones watch on…. is that sick or what?

Terry is a sweet guy (he is reading this too) and I look forward to seeing him. His wife and step-son are so sweet I am excited they are returning.

It is not like we can find the time to go anywahere is it???? So we have to count on people coming to see us!?!?!?!

Other news… well, my job search outside of Las Vegas is falling flat. I have many goals and maybe they are too scattered? I have this new AS degree and it is meaningless unless I have a place or desire to apply it.

1. I want my own restaurant where I can develop the business and manage the growth.

2. I want a successful career path even if it means I have to leave Culinary and go back to IT! I will always work in Culinary at least part time.

I have 2 great business plans and started on a third one last week. Hmm….. oh well….

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