I graduated from school last week and I have to say that I am feeling a little relieved. Now I am also looking at a bachelor program that starts on 3/29… but I may need to wait until the next round of classes starts. University of Phoenix???? What do yuo think?

Adolfo gave me a ring this week! It is absolutely lovely and exactly like the one I linked before. My diamond is a lottel smaller than what this pic shows…. I am so thrilled with it.

I am really between a rock and a hard place right now, too. I have been wanting to get out of Vegas. I really do not like it here, but we have been establishing a lot of roots in town and the idea of moving on is getting harder. I want to find new work in Information technology while working in cooking part time until I can open a restaurant.

I guess the problem is that I am not working in any one direction and feel pretty scattered. My goals are looking kinda vague right now, too. None of that is any good.

I want to open my own restaurant. With that, start building a little empire of my own.

I want to continue my degree and jump from Culinary Management to Information Technology. If I have to work for someone else then I want to make some decent money.

So, I keep looking for signs of a new direction and am hearing nothing. Gary??? Where are my insights (my spiritual guides)??? Al? Where is my wisdom? Terry??? What should I do?

The problem with acting is that my actions effect Adolfo and Tom and since we are making money right now, feeling reasonably successful, I remain unsatisfied. I am getting to the point where I am so split that my action is becoming in-action.

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