Been busy working over the last week. I go to school in the morning and then off to the Venetian in the evening. Then once in a while I get a consulting gig. I have been looking somewhat passively for another private sheffing gig, but no luck in so far. Seems a lot of people are leaving town for the holidays. Bastards!

I am at school… snuck away from cooking fior a bit to check out something on the web. Have you seen this show called The Amazing Race? Kieth, pal in class, says we should go onto the show. 2 chefs… one gay one hetero …. wonuldn’t that be interesting?

Anyhoo… I need to go to the bathroom and then back to class… I am making some apple crisp thing today for my Nutrition Class. I was supposed to used “Smart Start” margorine… but I used butter instead. A half-pound worth… ha ha ha! Yum!

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