Ergh… I am dreaming a lot lately again. It is so wierd.

Last nights first dream was me in a food competition. I find I am dreaming a lot about cooking and food competitions. Last night I had to make a vegetarian dish and I was struggling with each of the factors of a properly plated dish. There is a requirment for protein, starch, and fat that need to be represented on the plate. My first problem in the dream was the starch… I was trying to figure out if the veg Jicama would work. After I got passed that I was struggling for my vegetarian starch. I knew beans and/or lentils were good but this lasted for a couple hours of restless tossing and turning.

The night before last I had a simalar struggle. I dreamed I had to produce a meal using only chicken stock. That was IT! oi vay…

But that was not all, I had a few dreams last night and I could recall everyone of them an hour ago. Suddenly I am blank on the others. Odly enough they were just as odd.

Otherwise things have been okay here. I am stressing over a few things and I talked to Adolfo about it. I suggested we both write down all the things that are on our minds and free ourselves a bit.

Usually, Money is the only thing that can really distress me. At least I finally got the whole school issue under control, but there are things brewing to change that. I have the chance of going to another school for a few months outside the country and THAT is stressing Adolfo and thus me.

I am on a school break this week, then back to classes next week. GOD I cannot wait to be finished at AILV… Chef Hoffmeister is a good man but this school is for the birds. Unless a reputation devlops no one will know what a zoo this place is. Most of his teachers are absolute freaks, but what are you going to do about it?

6 months to go of school unless I get the externship in Singapore; which means I would be there for 3 to 6 months max. SO, don’t ask me about it. I mean don’t ask me everytime we talk what is happening with it… because as soon as the Singapore thing happens or doesn’t happen then I will let people know.

I need to write more often here… but then again I am uncertain ANYONE IS LISTENING????

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