I feel like there is something missing on my entries. Blogger.Com has migrated to another server and and I feel like something is missing. Maybe this will fix my archive problem????

This last weekend was yet another product of my lazy lazy ass. Well, Adolfo has been sick since Thursday and I told him to call in sick on Friday, but he insisted on going in. I called him in the early afternoon to tell him I was going to pick him up after work and he says… I’m at the mall. His boss sent him home sick BUT he is shopping. So, almost all Saturday we were in bed or lounging around. Although I had to work.

He started feeling better and I took his temperature often… he he he. Nevermind… anyway so Sunday we went hunting for a picnic place. I wanted to go to the “nude beach” on Lake Meade and we could not find it. This was a hastily assembled picnic so we found a place at a public picnic area… ergh. One really cute little kid was totally fascinated by Tom and that was cute. We did eat and then take off after a short stay. Overall.. it was good.

Yesterday I finally spent just about an hour in the sun and started to add some color to my pasty skin.

What a boring update in my diary. I wanted to know if you’re reading my fiction from my www.halonet.net site?

Test… working on a new look and getting my archives back… ergh.. and Test #2

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