I am neglecting my diary again. What a poop I am. This is my one year anniversary with Adolfo. All last week we fought about something new and old every day. I was so ready to walk away and close the door on some bad memories. BUT, things seem to have come back full circle. I think if we are going to celebrate an anniversary we need to figure out exactly WHAT that date will be. I’ll be sure to elt you know.

School has been stressful. I am almost paid out through next year, but I am struggling to make ends meet here. I went to school without a book, but one fell into my hands. I could not afford it. But thank God and my spirits that I had someone-thing looking out for me. Now if I could get that angel to give me an extra boost with some more extra cash.

I visited the Nevada Small Business Development… something with an A … this week. I got some good feedback, but have more work to put into the business plan. Anyway, I will try and update more of this tomorrow. Something on Discovery channel in the next room is calling my attention. Some special on angels?????

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