Not much has been happening since I posted last. Been taking care of some business with my company and am trying to get the engine moving again there.

Adolfo and I have been doing qquite well. However, since last night we have been fighting over something kinda stupid. He said I was rude to some people whom I barely even saw and I really feel offended by that. The details would all be from my point of view, but basically there was a group of people walking along and he was trying to show me something in a shop window and I commented “these people are in the way”… the inflection of my voice was really innocent. He would have shoved me into them… but I did not even look at them except briefly in passing.

It’s turned into a silly, stupid mess. He walked out of the apartment and frankly I could care less. I made a nice breakfast this morning and he could not be bothered… fuck it! I am not going to drive myself insane over him. He owes me an apology, but cannot see it himself.

It will blow over. Whatever…

I spoke to Ian last night on-line. He is such a sexy man!!!!! He lives up in Buffolo NY… or is that Rochester? Hell, I forget. Anyway, he is a sexy man up there I could totally get into. We met in NYC back in 2000 when I was there on business. He made a mold of his huge, fat cock and made a dildo out of it. I want to get ahold it it badly!!!! Ha ha ha

Speaking of sexy men from NY… I have not talked to Chippie in a few days either. I shoud IM on Monday….

Wish me luck! xoxo Scott

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