I’m home. Adolfo had a lovely dinner waiting for me when I got in and we ate… went to bad… and then… he he he! RIGHT ON BABY!

The trip home was painfully awful! In Denpasar (Bali, Indonesia) we were searched with a fairly normal routine. Changing planes in Taipei (Taiwan) we were searched again through a little more intense… had to take off shoes and check through bags blah blah blah. Then coming into the US we ran into mega-bitch and she decided that she was going to search everything thoroughly! This cunt-hole acted after my traveling companion told me we had to hurry to get to my connecting flight. She peeled though all of his stuff after asking stupid, asshole questions. Thank goodness a male attendant came forward who went though my things and was willing to expidite us on our way. So off we go to connect to my United flight and there is another infected cunt-whole running things there who says I had no choice but to wait in some long line and refused to give me any assistance to make my flight. FUCK THEM I thought and I managed to get onto another airline. Again, searched before getting in the door! ARGH I am sick of this over the top security bullshit.

I see and hear so many people agreeing to this like sheep because they “think” that the government is doing a good thing. How much security is needed? Now, that is a question no one can answer because there is a genuine threat out there. But, who are they stopping and questioning? Pasty faced average people while turbine heads cruise through security? I looked at the people they were stopping in Customs and these had to have been the most vanilla people on the planet. It’s easy to pick people that won’t posses any problem, and what security is really being inforced. Where does it become harrassment versus safety?

Turns me off from wanting to travel at all I tell you! Because of the airlines already treat people like shit, the government treats people like drones, and services are gradually vanishing. It costs too damn much to travel or trust an airline to stay in business and honor their mileage programs. Interesting in my travels especially with a company like national Airlines the inconvenience is always on the passenger. I do not think I have flow National once where they have been on time.

I bitch too much, but I would rather speak out then cow like so many people do. I was treated so poorly by ailines and security yesterday that I am soured on traveling all together. Perhaps there was an unusual security threat yesterday? Perhaps there were things going on that I did not know? Perhaps terrorits wear khaki pants by Dickies and I did not know? On the other hand, maybe Karma was just biting me in the ass??? I was told by my traveling companion that I was “a mean person” because of the way I handled some SOME people in Bali???

My traveling companion? Who is this guy who pays thousands of dollars for me to travel with him? The customs agent was unconvinced and I am sure other people wonder where all this comes from. He is a man who lives in SFO and likes to travel with someone and I am usually good company. I am brave and can be fairly sohpisticated when it comes to food and wine. I can also organize and make arrangements for entertainment… so I can be fun.

Alas, I still did not answer the questions. Alas, I must be off to school for my evening class. Maybe I will add more to this later this evening. Cheers!

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