What a day? I feel that I should have endless money available for myself and that if anyone looks at me cross eyed I get to kick their ass. Wouldn’t that be the best!?!?!?!

Today was a mixture of surprises and defeats. Yet I am here while Adolfo is sleeping pleasantly sleeping in the very next room. I think I have a cold. And it did not seem to come to fruition until some time this afternoon. So, I just bought some Tylenol Cold from WALMart and popped a couple pills and am waiting for it to kick in. Meanwhile, I am continuing to sip tea and honey.

Today started off quite well! A guardian angel got me a new cell phone as a gift. I cannot say much about this, but only that it is from a very nice person whom I like and he appreciates me, blah blah blah. http://www.samsungelectronics.com/mobile_phone/ads_awards/trade_shows/images/I300_with_menu.jpg …This is the Samsung SPH-I300 of which I have carried a picture of since almost a year ago at COMDEX in 2001. Now I ahve one and love it to pieces!!!! It’s pretty!!!

So, I got the new phone all configured and connected to my laptop Outlook and now I am a mobile master! I am m-Life, or whatever you want to call it. I did have to call SprintPCS 4 times to get one of those fucking idiots to complete the job of getting the durn thing running. Damn, phone reps are morons! Grrr…

I had an interview for a job today, too. A retail store in the Aladdin’s desert passage for a part time job. They called me almost right away to tell me that I was being offered the job. So, I decided to take it while I continue with school and looking for some additional job stuff.

Anyway, when I was going to Sprint Store to get the phone activated (it was closed) I went to the gym after and realized Ileft all my gym crap in the apartment. Irritated and throwing a hissy fit, I decided to pop over to the mechanic to get the brakes looked at. $250 later I was limping out. But, my phone was working by the time I left.

I am all over the board here tonight, maybe the drugs are starting to finally take effect! So, we went to see a show at the Venetian tonight, called Feel the Passion. It should have been named something else, but I cannot go there right now. They were all over the board for sure!!!!! It was a collection of different performers and all of them were talented to a degree, but it was hardly better than anything a high school cast could have thrown together. But some cuter performers, for sure!

Talk soon..

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