So…. well, it has been a while since i wrote in my diary. I have barely paid

any attention to anybody as well. What a selfish, no good bastard I am! I have

been keeping very busy with the new job, dating Adolfo, and trying to keep life

somewhat normal here. In my work I am amazed I am managing to meet my bills

as they are and I still have one nasty debt hanging over my herad with no solution

what-so-ever. That mess is detailed in the financial section.

Oh yeah, I am working on getting into school! I am registered for school at

the Las Vegas Institute of Art for their Culinary Program. It starts in July

and I am so stoked! I was there last night to take care of paperwork and I heard

how the new head-chef is a freind to Emeril. That makes me hopeful that Emeril

will come to the school one day while I am there.

And, I am also looking for a second job. I found something that I really want,

too. This MASH Village gig may be ending by September because of a variety of

reasons. Less obvious and most effecting the problems are the fact that the

city of Las Vegas has been very hostile toward the homeless population. Father

Joe is based out of San Diego and is pulling his funding on these projects.

That means the pieces of this show are going to close down. Starting this month

the Medical Clinic closes and I might have to say goodbye to a cutie that works

there named Rich.

There are 3 cute guys that work there. I came out to the cutest one today because

we were chatting and he kept asking about my "girlfreind". I said…

you assume too much. We laughed. He seemed cool. He is leaving on Friday as

his last day and moving on to new roads. ho-humm! I mentioned Rich already.

He is this Goth looking boy who is skinny and tall, black hair, pale lean features,

and big feet (you know what that means). Finally, there is a cute latino boy

but he and I do not interact much. Rich is the most interesting of them, anyway,

but I am having fun.

About Adolfo… he is great. He accepts me for all my faults which includes

this obnoxious way of looking at other men. I hate doing it, but damn when cute

boys are around I act like a moron distracted by shiney objects. He has been

very tolerant and sweet. He even pokes fun at me. We have been dating just over

2 months and this last weekend he and I went to visit parents. We spent Friday

at my mom’s and then Saturday and Sunday at his family. I will try and write

more about it later on.

Thanks for checking things out.

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