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I don’t feel like I get very many good pics of me.But then again, I am feeling a little deflated because I have not been able to go to the gym or even take care of much during the week. I need to get my ass to the doctor about this whip-lash.

Yes, the emergency room doctor said I had whip lash. After the accident I sat at my desk at home and could feel the muscles stiffening. I panicked and went to the doc. The vicatin has been a loser… so I tried going today but could not get out of work.
What’s with the picture up top? I like it… hides my muffin top… someone called me that at Burning Man this year. OMG I was so annoyed. But dammit… I am middle aged and look fucking hot. HA HA HA HA

A week ago – I got hit by a bus

A week ago Friday I got hit by a bus while riding a bike I recently got. I got the bike right before Burning Man and started riding it the week I returned.
I got off work at 4pm and was on my way home. I usually ride down Chestnut to Van Ness in order to avoid the hill climb. There is always a hill, but most street through Pac Heights are way too steep for a bike.
I rode down Chestnut, turning up on Van Ness. The first intersection is a little tricky because I have to cross traffic to get past Lombard street.
I don’t know exactly where I first came to be in the bus’s path but I noticed he pushed past me to get to his stop but crossed my line of traffic far enough before me that I mere noticed his action, but did not think much of it.
The second time he cross my line of traffic closer and I went around him while he was picking up passengers and pulled into the x-walk ahead of him. I do remember thinking to myself… if I am in this guy’s way I will steer clearer to the right as the light was changing. I could see the crossing light was changing, so I mounted the bike and rode wide letting the bus go by before entering traffic.
At this point we were heading up hill on Van Ness and as I closed in on Jackson I ended up ahead of the driver again and he cut me off very much closer to get to his stop at Jackson. It was so close that I stopped at his right read tail light and took a picture of his bus number thinking I might call MUNI and complain about him. I was, at least getting concerned as all these events were adding up.
I rode around the left side of the bus and called the driver an expletive/racist word – yeah I know I should not have. I had no idea if he heard me or not, but I just kept riding.
He pulled up along side of me looking at me through the door of the bus as we were approaching Clay Street. I tried to ignore him. As I continued in my line of traffic he pulled ahead and merged against me. I was coming up on the left corner of a parked car at the time. I saw a rear view mirror sticking out I was trying not to hit and ended up against the wall of the bus.
I was dragged along the wall of the bus, over the rubber accordion section of the bus, and then off the metal panel behind it. I rolled off just passed the parked car and avoided hitting the ground just barely.
The bus paused just at the other side of the intersection of Clay and Van Ness. I could see the brake lights. Then he continued on.
I called the police and reported the situation to a motorcycle policeman and a MUNI investigator.
The policeman noticed before I did an abrasion on my my left elbow, which was closest to the bus. There was no other evident damage or injury until the policeman noted two divots in the back of my helmet.
I did ride home and as I went into my bedroom immediately after I started feeling soreness and stiffness in my neck and left shoulder. So, I went to the emergency room the the Ft. Miley V.A. and saw a doctor who diagnosed me with whip-lash and gave me vicadin.
I have not ridden my bike since because of discomfort and a loss of security when riding. I have chosen not to while I deal with this whip lash.
I am scheduled to see another Doctor on Tuesday.