Our Christmas

X-Mas finally got here in the [redacted]-Valencia Household and we celebrated last night. Pics and gift list below… we had a blast. I have a photo I could not include of Adolfo dunk! Girl can;t handle the champagne.



    • Diamond and White Gold Pendant
      and Necklace!!!!
  • Shirt and Hat
  • Fashionista T
  • Lots of Chocolate!
  • Wine (for both of us)




    • Pasta Roller Set
  • Marc Ecko Sweater
  • Belt with Beetle Buckle
    (Way Cool!)
  • Recipt Binder with all of
    my mom’s recipes


12/25 was our day and when we got home from work we threw it all together. Dinner was Squab stuffed with homemade stuffing and chopped black truffle inside. Spinach saute and desert was a blueberry Brown Betty… quaint, huh?